Grawlixes is a Dunedin unplugged indie-pop duo. members Penelope Esplin (vocals and accordion) and Robin Cederman (guitar, vocals) may be better known to most as half of Dunedin’s premiere purveyors of maudlin jangle-pop, The Prophet Hens. They even share a few songs in common with The Prophet Hens, including this one “Darling” which used to be part of the bands’ live set at the time this recording was made.

This recording is a live to air – quite literally. It was recorded in the open air on the back porch of a Dunedin house for the Operation Underground video performance series.

The recording is part of an Operation Underground Sunday Porch Sessions compilation on bandcamp. All proceeds from the sale of the compilation are going towards young Syrian war refugees who are transforming the old prison they call home into a place of hope by covering the walls in their art. Read more on that at

Grawlixes play in support of The Prophet Hens at Chick’s Hotel on Saturday 27 June along with semi-synthetic humanoid duo Strange Harvest.