Lia Mice

PopLib has featured Aussie label Rice Is Nice previously. Along with Bedroom Suck, Chapter Music, and RIP Society they are the labels I usually check in on every month or two to find out what’s new.

“Memory Maps” from Lia Mice grabbed my attention on my recent visit to Rice Is Nice.

It’s from the Lia Mice album “I Love You” – and also appears on the “Rice Is nice Mixtape Vol. 2” cassette. It’s the second album from this world-travelling experimental pop artist, and “her first experiment in danceable tempos was inspired by new music uncovered during in her first year living in Europe: in the grooves of yé-yé singles; on the dance floors of converted boat-venues; in the theme songs of classic French cinema and on the iPods of neighborhood house parties.”

It’s intriguing, with a semi-familiar allure of dream-pop wrapping something that feels darker and weirder and makes me curious enough to check out the rest of the album, and then try to locate that first album too. The idea of Lia Mice’s music at undanceable tempos sounds just as alluring…
[postscript: Here’s the first Lia Mice album on Bandcamp… it’s wonderful too. Much darker, semi-industrial, gothic dream-pop… and my kind of slow lurching dance tempo too.]

[While you’re here, check out the best of what’s new at Rice Is Nice via their “Record Player”.]