OK, so PopLib should be reclining on a beach somewhere after the marathon of posting obscure NZ music throughout May. But it’s almost midwinter, so that’s not an option. In any case, there’s THIS:

“Moon” is a beautifully spacey debut from a young Sydney band. They describe themselves as dream-pop. But “Moon” has the hesitant charm of a bedroom DIY band soft-rock Flaming Lips and a budget version of The Polyphonic Spree.

There’s also an intriguing hint of early 70s dreamy MOR psychedelic pop about “Moon” that I love. In particular the naggingly perfect guitar melody and those lush washed out combined vocals.

Ego are Scout (Vocals, Guitar), Oliver (Guitar, Vocals), Dylan (Drums) and Minni (Synth). Can’t wait to hear more from Ego. There’s equal amounts magic and potential in this song.