New Gum Sarn

Day 30 of PopLib’s May Month of Madness Marathon for NZ Music Month comes from Auckland new-comers New Gum Sarn and it’s our new national anthem “Money Talks”

But really, this “Money Talks” is only a new national anthem for disaffected young people, incurring huge study debts to learn in order to get jobs – which often turn out to be working minimum wage service industry jobs – in order to pay rent and eat. The debt-for-learning burden was imposed upon young people by a Government elected by old people who started their own life without that kind of learning debt burden and with considerably better prospects for living-wage employment, a fair society and a livable planet.

“I go to school I go to learn/ learn to find a job to pay for things I’ll never own/ robbing banks and slinging dope/ selling sex/ I’d sell my soul/ money for old rope”

Musically this is a beautifully lean and clear. New Gum Sarn deliver their music with a kind of loping angular post-rock sensibility (Slint via Tortoise maybe). Lyrically, it’s the cynical sigh of existential exhaustion for modern life in a big city where your value is determined by what you earn. A song for our times.