Day 26 of PopLib’s May Month of Madness Music Marathon for NZ Music Month is “Airplane #1” from Wellington’s Womb.

Womb is the work of Charlotte Forrester and friends and it’s a Sonorous Circle release, mixed & mastered by Sean Kelly. His alter-ego is Seth Frightening and Womb bears some sonic similarities through the sparse mostly acoustic instrumentation and spectral vocals. “Dream-folk” is what Sonorous Circles call it, with concise accuracy.

“Airplane #1” is a wonderful introduction to this world. As well as the Seth Frightening reference point the song brings to mind NZ’s Tokey Tones and also at times The Raincoats ‘Odyshape’ album too. The occasional rhythmic hesitancy on “Airplane #1” just adds to the subtle other-worldly intrigue.