October [photo by Connor Hickey]

October [photo by Connor Hickey]

Day 24 of PopLib’s May Month of Music Madness for NZ Music Month comes from newcomer October and the intriguing “Voids”.

It’s only one song, but it’s a strong opening statement. October’s “Void” is fully-developed dark synth pop with impeccable song construction/ production and a compelling vocal performance. It sounds less like it’s trying to emulate anyone else and more like it’s on it’s own mission into some intriguingly dark personal territory.

October is Emma Logan, originally from the small provincial South Island town of Blenheim. It’s not exactly a place known for it’s music. Few distractions perhaps, apart from unrelenting summer heat and the ennui of small-town NZ. All the better to escape into your own world through songwriting and music production.

The only other song on October’s Soundcloud is a cover (actually a brilliant cover) of The Stone Roses “I Wanna Be Adored”. It does the impossible and somehow makes a classic song even better. The secret here is the winning combination of a skillfully arranged synth pop production and a vocal performance which trumps Ian Brown’s drugged-up ‘baggy’ narcissist pleading and turns it into an almost threatening demand.

You can find out a bit more about October in this Radio NZ “Introducing” interview.