Day 21 of PopLib’s May Month of Madness Marathon for NZ Music Month comes Dunedin’s electronic pop past.

“Pretty” is probably the most recognisable song from the catalogue of Cloudboy. Cloudboy was songwriter, vocalist, keyboard player Demarnia Lloyd and some of her former bandmates and producers from Mink.

I came across the ‘Cloudboy Unauthorised’ Bandcamp while assembling yesterday’s post… it’s a treasure trove of live songs, unreleased and rare compilation items.

During the 1990s an alternative ‘sound’ was developed in Dunedin. The early electronica of the scene around Mink and the Happy Hagland production studio was years ahead of its time. It coincided with the rise of the compact disc, and of interactive CD-ROMS (music plus fairly lo-res video and other interactive computer stuff which Mink pioneered in underground music in Dunedin). You can still hear connections from that late 1990s early 2000s era in Dunedin music today.

Cloudboy TV interview & version of “Pretty” –

Single version of “Pretty” –