Day 13 of the May Month of Madness Marathon for NZ Music Month comes out of the mists of Whanganui farmland and a band called Greenfog.

Greenfog describe themselves as a “Two piece bi-gender band from Auckland. Plus Scott.” That’s Elliot Lawless, Rachael Elf and Scott Kendall.

“Bruce Farm”, named after Robert Bruce, the bloke who’s farm this was recorded on, is a heavy, dark and wonderfully atmospheric example of something NZ does pretty well (thinking of HDU, Jakob, Kill The Zodiac etc.)

I suppose you’d call it post-rock, or noise-rock or something. But this is less about ‘rock’ and more about music for landscapes; the space between notes, the decay on saturated distorted chords, the hypnotic droning warmth of distortion and repetition, the echo of drums around wooden walls. It’s slow, measured stuff and fans of Seattle band Earth will know just how mesmerising that can be.

There are 100 copies of the “Bruce Farm” LP. Don’t be slow and measured about contemplating a purchase if you enjoy this.