Nadia Reid

Day 6 of may Month Of Madness Marathon (an obsessive-compulsive daily song during NZ Music Month to highlight songs you might otherwise miss hearing) is “Track of the Time” from the recent album from former Dunedin musician Nadia Reid.

It was exceedingly difficult picking one track to highlight from this album. So here’s another, “Reaching Through” by way of contrast and to convince you this is an album deserving of your time and attention.

I’m often reluctant to compare local musicians to overseas names, in case it implies to some they are like a local imitation. So when I suggest that any fan of Angel Olsen really ought to check out this album, it’s because, in its own way, and with its own character, this is as great an album as “Burn Your Fire For No Witness” and inhabits a similar damaged heartland. The swampy instrumentation and evocative recording is just as atmospheric too. But Nadia’s vocals (and words) are the heart of this accomplished album.

Visit Nadia Reid’s Bandcamp page to hear more from “Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs” and get it from Spunk Records Store if you can’t find it in your local record store.