Back in 2006 A Low Hum was writing a new chapter in the history of NZ’s neglected underground alternative music scene with a twice-yearly magazine, compilation CD and madcap nationwide tours by young up-and-coming bands crammed into a Ford Transit van towing a gear trailer.

The live events and particularly the compilation CDs were a gateway into a world of music that even the still-healthy music print media in NZ neglected at the time. I discovered Kill The Zodiac through one of those compilation CDs and bought a couple of copies of the self-released EP/ mini album debut by Kill The Zodiac, from which’We Breathe From The Same Mask’ comes.

My memory is hazy but I think Kill The Zodiac was the work of a then teenage Hamilton schoolkid Adam Fulton. It still sounds perfect, fully formed, expertly realised and beautifully atmospheric, just as it did at the time. I used to play the EP – and this track in particular – a lot.

There are two more recent releases on the Kill The Zodiac Bandcamp page well worth checking out.

As “New Zealand Music Month” roles around each year I am reminded of the contribution of people like Ian “Blink” Jorgensen who willed A Low Hum into existence and, through stubborn belief in an idea, helped coalesce a scene of sorts and share it with the rest on NZ and also the world. In the process he also inspired many others (myself included) to not only believe in local music, but also to support and share it.