Instant Fantasy
Instant Fantasy is on tour in NZ with two PopLib favourites Lttle Phnx and Misfit Mod and playing at Taste Merchants in Dunedin on Sunday night (26th April 2015). Their Softsynth Siren Tour presents a perfect line-up of three distinctive solo electronic musicians. Assuming you are familiar with Lttle Phnx and Misfit Mod then here’s a burst of Instant Fantasy to complete your knowledge:

The 5-track The Wet EP is a wonderfully dark, spacey and adventurous landscape of potent songs. Each track is constructed with minimally arranged atmospheric sounds and both straight and processed vocals. Instant Fantasy is Gemma Symes, and yes, you’ve heard that voice before on this blog – guest vocals on The Shocking Pinks’ “St Louis”.

Instant Fantasy is closer in style to Misfit Mod than Lttle Phnx, particularly the way the vocals provide a powerful human heart to the songs. But there’s also a hint at times of the psychological intensity of Portishead and the sample-based sound collage music of Faultline. This is a great collection of songs, and a rewarding close-listen on headphones too.

Find out more about Instant Fantasy and the things inspiring this music in a recent interview on The Audience.