Primitive Motion

A well-constructed two-note/ two-chord song is a wonderful thing. And Primitive Motion – from Brisbane – are another wonderful thing from the Bedroom Suck Records label from Queensland, Australia. Primitive Motion’s “Audible Darkness” comes across like very early Stereolab on a tight budget. It’s less retro space-rock than just timeless and dreamy weird-pop.

The glorious slow throbbing opener “Bodies of the Placid Furnace” and then, further into the album, “Kaleidoscope” and “River Flow Your Face” each carry subtle echoes of the kind of addictive tunes Robert Scott has contributed to recent albums by The Clean.

However, the overall the tone of the album is a cheerfully glum colourburst of woozy budget synths, toybox drum-machines and reverb-heavy voices. There’s variety aplenty and among the melodic dream-pop there are some odd little experimental ambient soundscape touches, as if Eno was making music for kids space cartoons.

I like this Primitive Motion album a lot. It is worth spending time with and treating yourself to a copy of the LP.