If you enjoyed the music on the recent PopLib post on that wonderful GOVRMINT album here’s another slice of audio oddness for you from Teresa Winter.

The album “Oh Tina, No Tina” is all kinds of hard-to-explain joy. There’s a playful way with sound and songs here as it mixes up a kind of Casiotone-ambient budget-chillwave with mashed up toy percussion, samples of dialog & whatnot and wonderfully melodic grainy vocal loops.

Everything’s a bit wrong on the album. It’s like rave music created by someone who has only ever heard rave and post-rave come-down music on a shortwave radio with a poor signal in a thunderstorm in a South American jungle and is trying to create the feel from memory on equipment not quite suited to the task. Or, as Teresa explains much more succinctly: “These are devotional VHS post rave meltdowns of the highest quality.”

There’s a previous cassette album on the CACAO label from Teresa called “Seven Sisters” which you can download for free (but please buy the $10 cassette as well). It’s also great and mixes lo-fi glitchy noise with playful beats, some delightful found-sound collage and a high quotient of fuzzy aural wooze. If you are one of those people who likes the idea of Boards of Canada but finds them a bit too coffee-shop-experimental then you’ll love to explore the world of Teresa Winter.

And, while we are here, the CACAO website is one of those rare aesthetically pleasing online spaces that is minimalist, intriguing and extremely functional all at once.