Lime Crush

Lime Crush

Don’t believe a band from Austria has been featured on PopLib before but here’s 1 minute and 32 seconds of “Graveyard” by Lime Crush from a 3-song 7″ on fettkakao, an art & record label based in Vienna, Austria.

The three Lime Crush songs here range from 1 m 24s to 1m 33s. Check them all out while you contemplate ordering a 7″.

These rough-hewn miniatures have a lot of loopy surrealist post-punk no-rules charm about them, but also channel the spirit of primitive 60’s punk/ garage wild pop. That’s POP! with two capital Ps and a loud “OH!!!” in the middle.

I discovered Lime Crush via the ever-wonderful Dynamite Hemorrhage ‘zine, which I recommend you add to your browser favourites and order the print ‘zines too. DH also does a regular podcast radio show where you can discover more things like this.