Honey Radar

Here’s some grainy lo-fi DIY jangle pop from the US from a band called Honey Radar and an album called “Chain Smoking On Easter”:

PopLib is not the only one to discover music via circuitous happenstance. Here’s the enthusiastic & reliable Glasgow-based blog Not Unloved enraptured with Honey Radar’s album.

“In summary, “Chain Smoking on Easter” is pure orange sherbet and the most easily lovable missive from the US underground I’ve heard in years.”

I can’t do a better job of describing this Honey Radar album so I suggest you pop over to Not Unloved and add it to your subscriptions or blog feed or whatever-the-hell-you-do-with-blogs (I don’t know).

If you like (a) short songs (b) amateurish distorted DIY recording and (c) jangly guitars (d) melodic pop and (e) any of the following bands – Guided By Voices, Swell Maps, The Stevens, Wire, The Rain Parade – then give it a listen.