Robert Scott should require no introduction. But just in case… (deep breath) … he has been bassist and one of the songwriters and vocalists in The Clean for over 30 years, plus he’s also been guitarist, songwriter & vocalist in his own band The Bats, first formed just after the early 80’s reign of The Clean, and still going strong with the same line-up today.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget his other bands, like the glorious Magick Heads (1991-1997), or his covers band The Moreporks (playing Buzzcocks, Joy Division, Stooges etc. Bats-style for weddings, birthdays etc.). He even plays bass now in a band called Kilmog with Glen Ross (Onanon), Richard Ley-Hamilton (Males) and, um, me (The Puddle). So ‘prolific’ seems like an understatement.

“Vertigo” is one of two tracks from his new album “The Green House” which you can stream via Flying Nun Records’ Bandcamp.

The other song – “Lazy Boy” – features the voice of Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins)

Hollie sings on 5 of the songs on the album, so these two songs together give a good indication of the variety on the album. As with his previous solo album “Ends Run Together” this new one is an accomplished and diverse collection which adds new depth to the Robert Scott songbook.