Elisa Ambrogio

Accidentally stumbled (oK Tumblrd) across this song “Superstitious” from Elisa Ambrogia.

The following helpful information about Elisa Ambrogio is provided by her label, Drag City Records ” A new solo voice in the wilderness, speak-singing for the down-by-the-reservoir set. Gurl-group pleas and the rhyming of noise with boys are just part of the blur-eyed fun.”

Which is nothing and everything. Elisa is perhaps better known from the band Magic Markers. “Superstitious” is enough to have me impulse-buying the album. There’s a grainy lo-fi DIY spirit here and the music is like a dream-pop version of Jesus & Mary Chain’s debut ‘Psychocandy’ with some early Tall Dwarfs style looped-up percussion and layered minimal instrumentation and voice – simple, repetitive, familiar, melodic, elegiac… and filled with wonder.

“Superstitious” is from an album released on Drag City Records last month called “The Immoralist”. The video for “Superstitious” is by Naomi Yang (of Damon & Naomi/ Galaxie 500 etc.)

When trying to find out a bit more I found this video for a song pairing Elisa’s voice with the guitar playing of Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) under the name 200 Years. Also minimal and perfect. Another rabbit hole of wonderful music to get lost down… There’s an interview with Elisa on Tiny Mix tapes here..