Strap yourselves in… taking a trip into outer inner-space now for the sonic mayhem of Birdation and a whole brain-melting 24 minute set of VU-meters-in-the-red, feedback, distortion & delay-looped space rock by Birdation, recorded at Christchurch sound-space The Auricle earlier this year.

Birdation is what Hope Robertson does when not being fabulous playing delay-texture guitar in Bad Sav & Death & The Maiden. It’s just Hope playing bass and/or guitar + an ancient push-button-drum-machine-in-a-wooden-box, all through delays and loops.

If you don’t have 24 minutes to listen, I’d urge you to slide the slider thing along to 11 or 18 minutes here and bathe in the monumental awesomeness of these two pieces of monstrous, clanging, beautiful fury.

Birdation is sometimes (or often) on the verge of being out of control. There’s an unpredictability associated with the looping effect of the delay which gives the mechanical rhythm a Frankenstein life. Setting up the drum-machine and delay loops for each piece is all part of the performance here. You’ll need a tolerance for feedback and distortion to work through from start to finish but it’s well worth the journey.