I quite like the idea that great pop can exist with apparent great popularity in some parts of the world and yet be unknown to my bat-like damaged-pop radar. But it is also just a little disturbing that this stuff can exist and I don’t hear about it other than by happenstance. How much more stuff is there out there I ought to know about?

By way of a tip-off from a friend, who randomly heard a song on a US radio show listened to via the internet, Alex G finally comes into range of the PopLib radar.

Look at the obsessively created back catalogue of releases I almost can’t bear to check, for fear I’d be lost in this for weeks. And listen to the latest album DSU, released on vinyl in June and already sold out.

In some ways this is like all your (well, OK, all my) favourite artists of the last 20 years reconstructed from leftover parts & random stabs of noise, by some eclectic DIY-savant genius.

So, there’s a hint of (in no particular order) Pavement, Sparklehorse, Guided by Voices, Grandaddy, Teenage Fanclub, and whatever else you think you want to hear in these songs. PLUS, there’s stuff you can’t quite put your finger on. And it’s great. And it’s just the most recent album…