The Violet-Ohs descended from Dunedin’s great unsung post-rock psych-prog noise landscape sound gardeners A Distant City. In place of the twisting, complicated, ambitious long-form quiet-loud-quiet dynamics of A Distant City, The Violet-Ohs cut to the concise heart of pop songcraft. But, as you can hear from “Vent” here they still retain some of the ambitious technical intricacy.

Zac & Josh Nicholls (guitar & drums respectively) along with Connor Blackie (bass) provide the sometimes minimalist, but always intricately-constructed music. Nick Tipa has abandoned his rhythm guitar/ 2nd guitar role in A Distant City to do that very rarest of things in a band from Dunedin – concentrate just on vocals.  Check out the rest of their ‘Demos’ EP too. It’s good.