Fair Maiden - photograph by Xixi Cao 2014

Fair Maiden – photograph by Xixi Cao 2014

Been a bit slack with blog posts these past few months… but while PopLib has been otherwise engaged Bedroom Suck Records in Queensland Australia has been releasing MORE great music. There’s new albums from Peter Escott and Martyr Privates I’ll get around to highlighting here soon. But first up is an album finally from Fair Maiden Here’s the opening track “India”:

Fair Maiden – India from BSR on Vimeo.

“India” continues the winning combination of not-quite-right-but-perfect elements present in ‘Lady of Fortune’ (closing track on the album) which PopLib featured back in June.

Fair Maiden are Ellen Carey and Steph Crase (Summer Flake, Batrider), along with Hamish Baird and Noah Renolds now. The album is a delight in miniature. In addition to that trademark faux-medieval folk there’s all sorts of gentle understated pop simplicity here, heavy on the vocal harmonies from Ellen & Steph, minimal arrangements and presented without fuss but with a courageous “this is what we do” honesty. I love it.

Fair Maiden’s self-titled album is out on Bedroom Suck Records on 6 October.