Mermaidens (photo by Tamara Jones Photography - ROGUE

Mermaidens (photo by Tamara Jones Photography – ROGUE

Hey! PopLib’s back… that attempt at a month of posting Aussie music fell apart at the half-way mark sorry. No shortage of material, just shortage of time to search fully in the internet digital haystack. So back to random posts from around the world… starting with Wellington three-piece Mermaidens and the dreamy ‘Wander’ from their 2nd EP, called simply “O”

I’ve posted about Mermaidens here before. This new EP seems a whole step up and a refinement/ focusing of their sound into something a little Gothic and dark and perfectly minimal. Twangy reverb-licked guitar lines twist and curl together, drums rumble and voices soar. They tag it dreamsurf psychpop and that’s about right.

Mermaidens play at Chick’s Hotel, Port Chalmers tonight with two of Dunedin’s best live performers right now – Kane Strang and Bad Sav. Rain hail or (moon)shine you should be there.