Stephanie Crase - Summer Flake

Stephanie Crase – Summer Flake

We have passed the half way mark of PopLib’s unofficial Aussie Music Month. It started as a joke following NZ Music Month. I thought I might get a week out of it to mention some Aussie albums I’d acquired recently on a trip across the Tasman to Sydney. But everywhere I turned I found cool stuff. A lot of it was jangly guitar pop… no surprises there. If you are looking for some Aussie labels with a bit more diversity try the ones on this Top 5 list.

Although… the Rice is Nice label included on this list has as fine a collection of Nuggets-style scuzzy lo-fi garage-psych guitar bands as Bedroom Suck & RIP Society. But amongst the scuzz is the perfect weary sigh of Adelaide’s Summer Flake, here unwinding ‘Naked or Nude’ from the recent album ‘You Can have it All’.

I saw Summer Flake at Camp A Low Hum 2013. Their melodic grunge haze reminded me of Teenage Fanclub. Stephanie Crase – who is Summer Flake – has featured in a few Aussie bands, most recently Batrider with Sarah Mary Chadwick. I think she is also part of Fair Maiden, mentioned at the start of the month.