Day 11 of unofficial Australian Music Month, because, you know, if it’s good enough for NZ to have a month of self-reflection, then it’s good enough for Aussie. Goodness knows they need all the love they can get these days. Look, here they are even turning against their own cultural icons:


So, as that tweet seemed to be directed at most of the catalogue of my favourite Australian labels, I thought I’d see what RIP Society (Deabeat Central) had to offer. This new release ‘ Leaf’ from Rat Columns caught my ear.

Don’t know if this is ‘deadbeat’ or not. It might just be a bit sad & subdued – therefore downbeat rather than deadbeat. But it is mighty fine guitar pop and has a little hint of Orange Juice/ Postcard Records pop (listen to track 3 ‘Pink Mist’) amongst the trebly clatter and subdued vocals.