Day 9 of this unofficial Australian Music Month following NZ Music Music Month goes Bushwalking with “No Men” from Bushwalking’s September 2013 album ‘No Enter’ released on Melbourne’s excellent Chapter Music label.

Bushwalking is another new band to me and ‘No Enter’ is straight onto my ‘must buy’ list.

The unconventional and at times abrasive, piercing and angular post-punk guitar from Karl Scullin, together with the sparse construction and bold, lurching but hypnotic rhythms, all carry a glimmer of the industrial churn of the legendary UK art-noise pioneers This Heat.

Yet woven amongst this is almost medieval voices, harmonies and melodies from drummer Nisa Venerosa and bassist Ela Stiles (who has just released a solo album featured here on PopLib earlier this month). It all adds up to all kinds of wonderful.

Here they are live, performing the title track to their album ‘No Enter’: