Day 7 of the unofficial Australian Music Month takes us back to Bedroom Suck Records for Boomgates ‘Whispering or Singing’ from their ‘Double Natural’ album.

Boomgates draw together people from a variety of great Australian underground bands – Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Brendan Huntley, Twerps Rick Milovanovic and Dick Diver’s Steph Hughes. They’ve also done a split 7″ with The Bats recently.

The album is a great rough thrash of guitars bass & drums part Velvet Underground, part The Clean, and part Feelies staccato-strum. The voices alternate between braying ‘strine (I mean that in a good way) and Steph’s more melodic singing. The contrast between the two is perfect here.

The album packs a naturalistic punch – a clean and real recording, with stories and laconic voices reflecting unpolished suburban Australia (Melbourne in the case of Boomgates), and echoes of early Paul Kelly as much as beloved Australian storytellers The Go-Betweens.

Boomgates – Whispering or Singing from Powers of Ten on Vimeo.