Hissey Miyake

Hissey Miyake

Day 8 of the unofficial Australian Music Month (in response to/ consequence of NZ Music Month in May) is the minimal angular oddness of ‘Ghosts’ by Hissey Miyake.

Their Facebook page describes them as ‘disco/pop’ and that’s a pretty good summary. Just not exactly the kind of disco/pop you might assume.

There’s certainly a bit of post-punk deconstruction going on here, and an approach anyone familiar with Bush Tetras or The Slits around the time of their ‘Cut’ album would relate to. But they take a step beyond reality too and into something even stranger.

Hissey Miyake are another on the fabulous Bedroom Suck Records roster.

Hissey Miyake – Ghosts from Mai Gryffydd on Vimeo.