Day 6 of a series of Australian-themed posts for June. Sydney shoegaze-pop band Day Ravies released the brightly coloured Tussle’ LP late last year on the ever reliable Sydney label Popfrenzy. I like it a lot. This song ‘Double Act’ is close to perfect:

For those familiar with UK shoegaze in the early 90s this will at times be familiar territory (in a good way – I’m reminded mostly of early Lush and Ride at times).

There’s also some equally glorious not-exactly-shoegaze indie-pop gems on the album too. The vocals are pretty well buried in the mix here on ‘Double Act’ and throughout the album. Sometimes it serves the overall hazy, washed out effect, but it mostly just adds distance to some songs which feel like they could become even better friends if only they would welcome you in a bit more.