Day 5 of PopLib’s how-long-can-I-keep-this-going unofficial Australian Music Month. The ‘official’ AMM is November but I have a backlog of Aussie albums following a trip to Sydney at the end of April and blow me down if they aren’t decent.

I couldn’t get over the number of LPs by young Australian bands in Sydney Record stores which had buyer guide notes stuck to them referencing the sound of Flying Nun Records, The Clean and Dunedin. Woollen Kits ‘Four Girls’ album was one of those. They are a Melbourne band and yes, they do sound a like a genetic mutation of the early 1980s version of The Clean fused with Olympia’s Beat Happening. Which is perfectly fine by me.

The album this song is from is called ‘Four Girls’ and is a few years old – 2012 – and on the fabulous RIP Society Records (also with a US co-release on Trouble in Mind records).

RIP Society is a small Sydney-based label specialising in underground lo-fi/ DIY pop-rock mostly. It is run by the owner of Repressed Records in Newtown Sydney, one of your essential vinyl stops in that city (the others being Red Eye Records and nearby Mojo Record Bar).