Fair Maiden

Fair Maiden

Day 4 of our faux Australian Music Month continues. This started as a joke, following a month of NZ music daily posts. The idea was to clear a few noteworthy new Australian LPs acquired in recent months and a trip to Sydney at the end of April. Trouble is I keep finding other Aussie stuff I didn’t know existed. Like this from Fair Maiden ahead of an album in a few weeks.

I had a poke around the Bedroom Sucks Records website and there’s a lot of very cool & interesting stuff there. The latest Blank Realm album on Bedroom Suck Records was one of my Sydney purchases which led me to check the rest of the label’s catalogue. I’ll eventually write about that, but, for the time being, I can’t stop playing ‘Lady of Fortune’ by Fair Maiden.

There’s something thrillingly wrong and unexpected about this. The clattering percussive mostly one-chord, with two-chord-chorus, acoustic guitar and galloping drums throughout ‘Lady of Fortune’, like something from the soundtrack to a chase scene from a dodgy Tarantino Western movie, ought to be distracting enough. But together with the song’s Gothic-Romantic folk fantasy air, with its beautiful earworm melody and perfect lush chorus vocals, this not-quite-right combination has me under its spell.

Fair Maiden – Lady of Fortune from BSR on Vimeo.