Day 21 of the song-a-day-May NZ Music Month madness is “Sunshine” from a self-released 2012 album by Paul Winders & The Goodness that probably flew under the radar at the time.

“”Boy Dust” is the second album by Paul Winders and his close group of musical friends known as The Goodness. The strong connections with the vibrant Dunedin scene remain in this group. Winders wrote the songs, sings and plays guitars on the album. As is well known, Paul was the guitarist in the seminal Dunedin band the Verlaines, (1991 to 2008) and here he is joined by Mike Stoodley, the bass player for the Verlaines (1988-1994) and The Broken Heartbreakers (2007-2010), who plays bass, keyboards and guitars and recorded and produced the album; Matt Tane (ex- Dunedin band Runt on drums; Kiri Winders (ex-Dunedin band Valve on keyboards Shane Woolridge -guitars.”

It’s an album of great melodic Dunedin-flavoured melodic guitar pop – “Sunshine’ in particular comes over like a polished sunshine-pop version of The Clean. But there’s also a nice bit of 80s US guitar pop mixed here too, reminiscent of The Windbreakers and Velvet Crush at times.