Dear Time's Waste - Still from the video for HEAVY/HIGH

Dear Time’s Waste – Still from the video for HEAVY/HIGH

Day 12 of May’s month of NZ music madness comes from one of my very favourite NZ artists, Claire Duncan, who operates under the name Dear Time’s Waste.

‘Strings’ is from the album ‘Some Kind of Eden’ released late 2012.

I rate that album, and the earlier Dear Time’s Waste album ‘SPELLS’, right alongside my much-loved Cocteau Twins albums. That good, maybe even better…

Where ‘SPELLS’ was bold, expansive and lush, ‘Some Kind of Eden’ is more introverted, personal and intense.

It may require a little more close attention (let me recommend headphones in the dark here) but the reward is getting lost in songs perfect in every detail.

There’s as much care and attention put into the words here as the sparse atmospheric music.