For Day 9 of the May month of NZ Music madness we have some tasty cha-cha chill cheese from Ben Dodd & His Organ.

Music is capable of reflecting many moods. Laughter is one, and this is always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.

“Pinker Sea” by Ben Dodd & His Organ is a ‘cover’ (I use that word in it’s loosest sense here) of a popular tune by Dunedin ‘Flower Cult’ guitar pop band Trick Mammoth. It shows that a great tune is a great tune no matter how it is played.

It is also a fitting tune for today. Not just because it is Friday, and goodness knows we need a bit of laughter on a Friday. But because tomorrow is Record Fair day at Taste Merchants in Dunedin.

Record Fairs mean bins full of old (and some new) LPs. And quite possibly some of those old albums of the hits of the day performed on Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer Organ, or, for the more progressively minded music fan, the Moog Synthesizer.

One of the joys of record shopping is coming across these kinds of records. I have a soft spot for albums of electric sitars covering 60s songs. I’m glad Benn Dodd & His Organ are carrying on this fine tradition in New Zealand.

For comparative purposes here is the original of ‘Pinker Sea’ and the earliest demo version of ‘Pinker Sea’.