She's So Rad in London

She’s So Rad in London

It’s not all underground DIY bedroom/ basement/ garage pop here on PopLib. To prove that, day 6 of this month of daily NZ music madness comes from Auckland’s former ‘shoe-gaze’ duo She’s So Rad. I say ‘former’ because recent releases have pushed the reverb & delay guitars into the background and pumped up the volume of the synths. And they are no longer just the duo of Jeremy Toy and Anji Sami.

‘Levels’ was a bit of a shock to the system when I first heard it. At first blush it could fit into the lycra, shoulder pads & big hair 80s. But repeated listens – and it is the kind of song that has satisfyingly addictive ear-worm credentials – reveals it has more depth and complexity to the layered synth-power-pop.

‘Levels’ is available to download via the She’s So Rad Bandcamp page from today.