Clearance rock
My favourite Chicago psychedelic fuzzed out jangling power-pop guitar trio are back with another cracking single. After releasing two tasty 7″ singles (although the first, ‘Dixie Motel Two-step’ exactly a year ago, was a 4 song EP playing at 33 1/3 RPM), this is so far a Bandcamp single affair.

These two songs on this digital single – gotta resist the temptation to refer to these as ‘dingles’ or ‘digitingles’ in homage to the short-lived ‘cassingle’ of the early 90s – are just as assured as last year’s 7″ releases from Clearance.

‘Carte Blache Plus One’ ticks all the boxes. There’s a pulsing beat which hints at classic Modern Lovers ‘Roadrunner’ vibes but smashes that notion sideways pretty quickly once the laconic vocals come in. Yes, a hint of Pavement in the vocals and wordsmithing but Pavement never sounded so energetic and tight. It’s the little things that matter here – the guitar churn and melodic twists are enough to set Clearance in their own recognisable field of play now.