Romulan Records - cover for "Girls in the Garage" Vol 6 & 1/2 7 EP

Romulan Records – cover for “Girls in the Garage” Vol 6 & 1/2 7 EP

This song “Whirlwind” occupied my thoughts for over 15 years. Not even the whole song. Just the first half of it. I heard it on a cassette tape of the John Peel show around 1990. It was at the end of a side of the cassette though and the song ended just as it got interesting, just as the phasing effects started to kick in.

Fortunately Peel had introduced the song before playing it so I knew it was on Volume 6 1/2 of Romulan Records’ “Girls in the Garage” series and was by Corky Rae & Audio Phase. Except it wasn’t.

It was Corki Ray with Audiofaze as I found out 15 years later when a friend in the US finally tracked down a copy of the 7″ EP of Vol. 6 & 1/2 for me.

That may have explained why I couldn’t find it for over 15 years. I tried regularly, searching on-line for either the song or even the volume of the compilation series, which also didn’t seem to exist. It was top of my wish list when I visited Amoeba Records in San Francisco in 2007 but even their experienced staff couldn’t locate it on the internet or their own extensive database.

“Whirlwind” was originally released on the Brent label in the US in 1964. It was written by Jody Reynolds, a rockabilly star famous for the spooky hit “Endless Sleep” which was a #5 hit in the US a year before I was born. Jody Reynolds died on my birthday in 2008.