Young Hellions

Two posts in a day… I know. Last one was something from a young woman from 50 years ago. Now from a young woman from the present day. Both joined together by… (thinks real hard for some thematic link)…. shoegaze! Corki Ray’s phased recording on “Whirlwind” from 1964 was proto-shoegaze in my book; the seeds of that miasmatic sound-swirl of the 1990s.

Young Hellions, from the suburban ennui sprawl of Auckland’s inner West, is Maeve Munro, once of the terrific neo-punk two-piece Bengal Lights from about 2008 and then, more recently, the minimalist synth pop of Cat Venom.

Young Hellions is a whole new level of DIY homespun musical witchcraft; placing the entrails of shoegaze, goth, post-punk and sumptuous dark pop into a large reverberating cauldron & giving it a stir & creating a potion to entrance anyone who listens.

So here is the glorious (and it IS) “Sympathetic Magic” from a new digital EP on Muzai Records. While “Sympathetic Magic” is the single why not soak up the whole 4 song EP here:

Then whistle over to Muzai Records & buy youself the EP. Actually you’ll have to whistle over to Flying Out Records as it is exclusively available from their website.