I am probably the only alternative music listening New Zealander who has somehow missed hearing any Shocking Pinks up until today. My loss really. Everything you need to know is on Wiki here.

I’ve read a lot of references lately to the new 33 track Shocking Pinks triple album ‘Guilt Mirrors’ released on Stars and Letters – a label run in New York by NZ/ Christchurch musician Mark Roberts (Enright House). Stars and Letters has released some wonderful music in the past year (like Misfit Mod) hence my interest.

I played ‘St Louis’ (featuring guest vocalist Gemma Syme) randomly and I loved that so here’s one 33rd of the album. It is the best new song I’ve heard so far this year. I’ll put this on loop for the rest of the afternoon now…

Turns out the triple album is actually a single LP of the ‘best 11 tracks’ from the trilogy. ‘St Louis’ is one of the 11 tracks on the LP. The LP comes with a digital download of a 33 ‘triple album’. Confused? I was for a bit, but that is nothing new.