The Clean have been on a tour of sorts this past week. It has not been your regular kind of tour, but one involving playing some intimate small venues in out of the way places. A two-night ‘residency’ at the legendary Chick’s Hotel near Dunedin (which included guest appearances by founding member Peter Gutteridge and also from Martin Phillipps) was followed by a surf-magazine sponsored show near Tauranga and an appearance at the Camp A Low Hum music festival near Wellington. Tonight they play at Puppies, a small Wellington venue.

Here’s some fine two-camera video footage from their Mt Maunganui (near Tauranga) show last Friday, shot by Stuart Page/ Brilliant Films. It was a special free event “Loose But In Time” sponsored by Damaged Goods Zine & Corona, held at Major Toms, Mt Maunganui Sat 8 February 2014. It’s their set closer – a ripping version of The Velvet Underground’s “I Can’t Stand It”.

The Velvet Underground were – and still are – a huge influence on musicians from Dunedin. Perhaps it is the minimal technique, fusion of art, literature and sheer bloody-minded noise mixed with gothic beauty of subversive pop.

There’s an extensive history of The Clean in two parts here on NZ’s excellent music archive website Audioculture.