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Found myself in Sydney Australia over the weekend. Business. The business of music. ‘Market Research’ I’m calling the trawl of independent record stores I did in a day. I recommend Repressed Records in Newtown in particular. These guys know their music and it is the place to go for Australian underground/ independent label sounds. A few minutes along the road at Newtown is Egg Records with a good second hand collection and some new vinyl. In the city I visited Red Eye Records and Mojo which had the brilliant/ dangerous combination of a record store with a great bar out back.

I took up the offer of a Red Eye Records 32nd anniversary show at Goodgod small bar in Liverpool street, braving Sydney’s Saturday nightlife for underground music. Goodgod is a basement and reminded me of Auckland’s Whammy Bar.

Of the three acts Making were the most original and intriguing. They were also punishingly loud. Brutally, My Bloody Valentine loud. ‘Just’ a three piece, but the guitarist conjured up a ferocious wall of distorted delay, playing an aluminium body/ neck Hagstrom guitar through a large speaker stack, two amp heads & a pedal board.

The music had the metallic industrial clang of machinery. It seemed a cross between post-punk (think a heavyweight The Associates/ Gang of Four) and post-rock – angular, precise, repetitive, complex rhythm/time shifts, with looped layers of guitar noise, sometimes overlaid with beautiful uncoiling guitar melodies at times reminiscenet of ‘Sons & Fascination’ era Simple Minds.

By comparison to their live sound – which was overbearing and confrontational – the music here on their Bandcamp page is restrained. However at least that means you can appreciate their art…. as opposed to their industrial volume.

Turns out they played Camp A Low Hum 2013 on the Forest Stage. Turns out I missed them there…

MAKING / BARCELONA / LIVE AT CAMP A LOW HUM 2013 from jackyp on Vimeo.