Chick’s Hotel at Port Chalmers, 10 minutes drive from Dunedin’s city centre, has been a local live music institution for the past 7 years. If you are a music fan and have ever been to Dunedin, chances are you have been there.

It’s one of the oldest buildings in the Dunedin area. Some say it is haunted, and yes, there are manacles in the basement (built over Otago’s first prison cells). It is definitely a place full of character. And characters.

I have seen some memorable shows there over the years…
The Handsome Family
Grant Hart
Eugene Chadbourne
Tiny Vipers
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
Mount Eerie
Mark McGuire
Dan Deacon
The Renderers
The Terminals
Connan Mockasin
David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights
… & many, many more. In the next month or so The Bats, Guitar Wolf & Merzbow will play there.


It has been run by the members of The Shifting Sands for the past year and upgraded with a top line PA and various other improvements.

To overcome the obstacle (for some) of a 10-minute drive from the City Chick’s Hotel have been running a bus all year (free to Radio One card holders) Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. But the cost of hiring it is a big drain and they are looking for support to buy their own Magic Bus.

The music scene in Dunedin is going through a periodic ‘Golden Era’ right now. Every scene needs its supportive venues to function effectively. Chick’s Hotel is part of the fabric of what makes Dunedin a bit special. Keeping these sort of venues going is important to provide not just places to play, but also the sense of community that music scenes need.

There are a range of options to support Chick’s Hotel with their bus Magic Bus quest – ranging from a $5 pledge to something more. If you are in Dunedin (or are planning a trip South) there is a three day festival at Chick’s from 22-24 November featuring a lot of great bands. The PledgeMe support options here include day passes or three-day passes. Thanks!