Rabbits wedding front

In my collection of 7″ singles is a solitary white label single from an Australian band called Rabbit’s Wedding. It is a single I regularly pull out and play, yet for years I have known nothing at all about the band, other than that they were Australian and the single was recorded in 1986 in Sydney. I think I was given the single by Richard Langston, who probably received it to review during his fanzine writing period for Garage and Alley Oop in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The cover is as enigmatic as the songs, which are the kind of perfect and melancholic minimal & obscure guitar pop I used to love at the time and still do today.

Earlier this year I tried to track down more information on Rabbit’s Wedding. Their MySpace page revealed several songs and a blog entry from 5 years ago which mentioned Glasgow label Egg Records was planning a compilation. Further research showed Egg Records had vanished. To compound its fate a Wiki page had even been removed by over-zealous editors who decided Egg Records was a minor regional label of such insignificance it didn’t meet Wiki’s entry requirements. Incredible really given Egg Records released not only several notable Scottish releases by the likes of The Bachelor Pad but also The Bats from NZ.

Sadly in the makeover of MySpace mid-year the blog archives are no longer available, removing any residual historic value of that platform to music archivists. With the help of an international collaborative effort of music bloggers I managed to track down Rabbits Wedding vocalist Paul Watling. He confirmed the compilation never happened, and summarised the history of Rabbit’s Wedding:

“We started in Perth in 84 i think it was. Our heroes were local band The Triffids and we moved to the big smoke of Sydney where things were happening a lot more. We released a few records and toured a fair bit. Apart from our own gigs, we spent most of our time playing with bands like The Triffids, The Go Betweens, The Church, The Lighthouse Keepers. I’m sure you are familiar with those bands. We were also influenced by some of the New Zealand bands of the time. I remember seeing The Chills, The Verlaines and Straightjacket Fits. I remember Phil playing “I Love My Leather Jacket” and “Pink Frost” to death on the stereo in one share house that we lived in.”

Rabbits wedding back

Here’s a video of a rare TV performance of “Hit The Road Pussy” from around 1987, after they moved to Sydney. It’s a song that never was on any recording they released.

If you see any Rabbit’s Wedding releases in your record shop trawling grab them. They are lost treasures of Australia’s golden period of guitar pop.

Paul’s current band is Dusken Lights.