Dunedin guitar & drums ‘shoe-glaze’ two-piece Astro Children have been busy in their usual low-key way recently. They released a colourful fun-filled video for their first single ‘The One We Start With’ last month and now they’ve just followed it up with the perfect & understated single ‘Gaze’.

‘Gaze’has been a favourite of mine in their live set since I first heard it last year. There’s an uncommon simplicity to what Astro Children do here that some may mistake for naivety. Their inner Astro Children may inhabit a cartoon space world, but here the ‘alien’ in a ‘space-ship’ seems to be metaphorical – there’s an unsettling undertone of detachment & loneliness.

The reverb-saturated recording with it’s weird stereo panning effects gives the song a suitable shimmery haze, like it’s been recorded in the jettisoned booster rocket of a space-craft while it tumbles back to earth in slow-motion.