Clearance single

Now that we’ve skipped past New Zealand Music Month PopLib is free to post about music from the wider world.

Here’s something from Chicago, IL, USA. It has a tenuous New Zealand connection too. I bought two copies of the 7″ after hearing a song from it via the highly recommended Did Not Chart music blog, which is written from a London flat. Did Not Chart likes a lot of NZ stuff incidentally & if you are looking for a reliable well-written music blog with a keen ear for smart indie pop past & present then you should follow it. Just by coincidence the latest post (on Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker’s album with The Freaks) mentions two other (US) bands I discovered through this blog or perhaps its predecessor, the now archived and equally excellent Fire Escape Talking.

The 7″ is glorious. It channels the spirit of Pavement, of early Wilco AND Velvet Crush all in the space of 4 perfect crisp songs.

So it was an extra treat – the kind of treat much appreciated by those of us who still try to keep the magic of music discovery alive by impulse purchases direct from artists & labels where possible (assuming your local Independent Record Store doesn’t stock it of course) – to find the inner sleeve of each copy bearing a handwritten reference to releases by The Clean. One copy (as pictured) ‘Boodle, Boodle, Boodle’ and the other ‘Tally Ho!’. It was a nice touch and one of those things that made me appreciate the simple magic of connecting across the world over music, and over vinyl in particular.