Leon Jory

Finding new sounds on Bandcamp is addictive. It’s particularly good fun when they are local sounds. This one popped up today and excited my ears with its over-saturated too-much-of-everything blast of neuro-stimulant audio waves.

Leon Jory is a self-proclaimed ‘big haired, bad jerseys bedroom producer’ from Dunedin. I think he also now plays keyboards in Dunedin’s fruitiest psychedelic space-cadet ensemble Scattered Brains of the Lovely Union (a band well overdue to deliver some kind of audio artefact).

When I heard this the first thought that came into my head was: “Music by someone who has drunk too much, ingested too much, stared too much into a oil-lamp projector, played too many computer arcade style games without sleeping, breathed some vapours too deeply, hyperventilated, hung upside down until all the blood rushes to their head. Maybe all of these things at the same time.” Here’s ‘Myself’ – what do you think?

It’s more than likely Leon has done none of the things in my imagination above and the only thing he’s had too much of is time alone in his bedroom with a keyboard, a computer and every delay & reverb effect known to humankind.

A couple of things make this stand out for me from every other bedroom keyboard recording artist. Firstly is it starts out like a cartoon version of Snapper before spiralling madly out of control and transforming into some kind of baroque pop psychedelic madness. Secondly, the voice is not some whispering self-deprecating bedroom afterthought but a gleeful/ demented yelling-from-the-rooftops, with lines like “I learned not to trust anyone/ except for the ones who showed me love”.