OK, I’ve made it to Day 31 of the 31 days of May New Zealand Music Month via Bandcamp challenge. I’m going to pick an easy one to end this run of posts on – something from Die! Die! Die! There was no particular plan when I started the first of those 31 posts. It turned into a process of discovery but along the way I’ve posted some familiar music too. Just because something is familiar to me doesn’t mean others have heard it.

I’m hoping most people (in NZ at least) have heard of Die! Die! Die! even if they haven’t had their eardrums assaulted in a live show. But if not – here you go; something (gentle) from their most recent album ‘Harmony’ … and, after this week of snow closures in Dunedin ‘Season’s Revenge’ seems appropriate.

I’ve been going to Die! Die! Die! shows since their earliest days. I’ve never regretted going to see Die! Die! Die! live. They are the hardest working NZ band over the last decade – multiple NZ and overseas tours, done the hard way. And I’ve found each album – at the right time and when I’m in the right frame of mind – is perfect.

Die! Die! Die! play in Dunedin this afternoon – an all ages show at Queens Café & Bar from 4 with Not From Space and Trick Mammoth – and again on Saturday night, with Opposite Sex and Trick Mammoth.