Tiny Ruins

Day 30 of the 31 days of May New Zealand Music Month via bandcamp challenge turns down the volume to a whisper. Mainly because my ears are still ringing from mixing a couple of live to air sessions for the mighty voice of Dunedin Radio One 91 FM last night.

Tiny Ruins (real name Hollie Fullbrook, although I guess ‘Tiny Ruins’ is now technically a duo, with Hollie joined by double-bass player and harmony vocalist Cass Basil) has been touring NZ recently promoting the release of a new EP (it’s on 10″ vinyl) called ‘Haunts’. This is the first track “Holes in my Pocket”:

It’s a simple and honest recording, live to tape with Cass and a few other occasional players. It’s also seems quite a bit darker to me than the previous album ‘Some Were Meant for Sea’. In particular, the interpretation of a Peg Leg Howell blues song form the 1920s called “Rolling Mill Blues” is just plain haunted.

Tiny Ruins takes a fairly traditional approach to the acoustic singer-songwriter style. This sounds like something that could have easily come form the golden era of contemporary or popular folk in the 1960s. Hollie’s voice has always reminded me a little of Nick Drake and that voice is perfectly suited to the darkness and melancholy in some of these songs.