Death & The Maiden

Day 27 of the 31 days of May New Zealand Music Month via Bandcamp challenge comes from Dunedin again and the silky dark electronica of Death & The Maiden.

Death & The Maiden (no, not named after that song by the Verlaines) have been hypnotising dance-floors at small-scale shows in Dunedin for about a year. The combination of delay-decayed dream-pop vocals from Lucinda King over some serious synth arpeggios and loops from Danny Brady (Thought Creature) would be fine enough on its own. But adding the real-life guitar of Hope Robertson and occasional live bass-playing gives their music a grainier imperfection and injects some sombre 1980s post-punk darkness into everything.

‘Dear _____’ is their latest ‘listen but you can’t download’ song on Bandcamp.

There’s an earlier 3 song selection here too. I hope there’s not just a download but a physical release of their music someday. I’d love to hear these tracks spinning on 12″ vinyl sometime.

There’s a much more informative piece on this song and the band on The Corner here. If you are not already aware of The Corner’s ‘Awesome Feeling’ download compilation (a track a day during weekdays in May, then a downloadable compilation at the end of May) you should check it out for more eclectic NZ music tips.