Day 26 of the 31 Days of May New Zealand Music Month via Bandcamp comes to you from the tiny coastal settlement of Taieri Mouth, south west of Dunedin and the ‘intimate psychedelia’ of Maxine Funke’s ‘Old Gold’ from the album ‘Lace’.

The music of Maxine Funke on ‘Lace’ is the sound recording equivalent of snapshots found in a mildewed photo album in a shed; faded sepia, black & white & colour photos, curling up at the edges; a moment from a timeless time in a placeless place.

‘Lace’ was compiled over several years and originally released on Alastair Galbraith’s Next Best Way label. (Alastair plays on half the songs and recorded the album). It’s just recently been made available via Bandcamp. There’s a more recent album called ‘Felt’ which came out on LP on Wellington label Epic Sweep Records in a limited edition of 100 (long since sold out) but still available to download here.