Surf City 2013

Day 22 of the 31 Days of May New Zealand Music Month via Bandcamp challenge comes from Auckland and the so-quiet-lately-I-thought-they’d-split Surf City. Turns out they’ve just had a break and they have a new album on the way, due in August. This is the pre-release single from it, out today.

‘It’s a Common Life’ sounds like it’s been recorded in an underground carpark and all the better for that. It continues to enhance their reputation – under threat from Ghost Wave recently – for being a fine latter-day re-incarnation of the early sound of The Clean. The guitar sound employed in places here certainly bears the mark of Kilgour interpreting the Velvet Underground’s Sterling Morrison. And nothing wrong with that either. This song also has the added earworm factor of a sing-a-long chorus that is all 60s pop, as filtered through a Jesus & Mary Chain reverb haze. A welcome return.